Privacy Policy

Fox Assignment Help aims to create a long-term relationship with the customers and provide them with eternal positive outcomes. In order to do so, we incorporate a well-defined set of rules that are based on firm privacy policy. Since we are highly cautious of our customer’s confidentiality, thus we go to extreme lengths to protect their anonymity and privacy. We have discussed below the rules of privacy policy that we emphasise the most and every customer should know.

The worth of cookies

Cookies play a vital role in structuring and progressing our site. As per the rules of cookies, we employ them to customise the online experience of the visitors and customers of our site. The cookies not only help us significantly in slicing the web traffic but they also prove to be supportive in identifying the visitors of our site. Additionally, it also aids us in tailoring the site according to the requirements of the customers. Yet, we would like to notify you that a few cookies records are shared to your system for a limited period that are used for investigation purposes by our authorities.

The conduct of web browsing

This happens when any visitor pops over our site, an auto-created framework that is connected with our site mechanically recognises him and simultaneously saves a fraction of his personal information including IP address, time and date, web browser used, and some data of the working framework via which the visitor has reached out to our site. Therefore, these ways are highly profitable in supplementing our visitor management skill.

The process of collecting data from visitors

There are different occasions in which we gather personal information of the visitors such as when the customer visit our site to take in the service we provide, when he get registered, and when he intends to book order here. The sheer objective of saving the information is to gain deeper insights into the details of our visitors and customers both and to inform them about our offers and services. The details include the name of customer, credit card, e-mail id, phone number, country, etc. However, let us assure you that the personal information is only accessed by authorities for confidential purpose since it is an integral part of our policy. Thus, this process also notify us about the drawbacks of our site and helps us in maintaining the functions.

The guarantee of security

It is your foremost right to know that all of your personal information is kept safe in our databases which only higher authorities could operate for important purposes. Moreover, the data comprises the basic details of the customer at the time of placing an order to us as we need to systematise a specific record of our customers to save ourselves from future bothering. All in all, your confidentiality is highly protected and valued at our place.

Variation in the rules of privacy policy

We work for the better experience of the students so that they could make the most of our service. In this regard, Fox Assignment Help has the right to adapt the patterns of privacy policy at whatever aspect or time they need alterations. Henceforth, the students are required to follow-up the privacy policy of our company for the best online outcomes.