Terms and Conditions

The incentives which were decided before establishing FAH revolve around the attainment of pure success and achievement of the students. For that reason, our company has formulated certain rules of terms and conditions which in order to accomplish the flawless work is necessary to follow.

Online Order Placement

  • The information provided to us by the customers must be appropriate and complete. Additionally, it should avoid any kind of fallacy.
  • The method of payment should be feasible for the company to access therefore, at the time of placing any kind of suspicious method won’t be entertained.
  • The customer possesses the complete authority to cancel the order anytime.
  • It is obligatory to pay a 50% deposit at the time of placing the order.
  • The customer can enjoy unlimited free revisions.

Ethical Use of Our Model Answers

  • The work we provide is for reference purposes only and is not intended to be forwarded as finalised work.
  • The work prepared by our writers are the model answers, you must do your own work and reference it from our provided content to make sure you do not plagiarise.
  • The content written by our writers could be tempting, nevertheless, we seriously abide by our fair use policy, thus you must use our provided work as a model answer to your assignment questions in order to prepare your own work.
  • Our company promises to deliver the work sustained with optimum quality and it would also be pure from any plagiarism.
  • Handing the work done by our researchers as it is to your university is considered as plagiarism.
  • We provide custom written answers to provide excellent model answers which are prepared to help you with your research work and writing.
  • We are passionate about education, therefore, we do not work online to let you cheat or do academic misconduct.
  • The work would be tailored according to the assessment needs of the customer
  • Our expert writers have made it achievable for you to approach us and conquer excellent grades in your assignment by using the research work as a reference only.

Refund Terms

  • The customer has the right to request to have a look at the initial draft before final submission.
  • The customer can claim for refund if we are unable to deliver the work within the final submission deadline.
  • A complete refund is provided in case your card is charged erroneously.
  • 100% refund is provided if you wish to cancel your order before it is processed or otherwise 18% cancellation fee will be applied
  • 100% refund is provided when you fail the assignment by using the research work as your reference in your own written work, a copy of the failed results is mandatory for reviewing purposes
  • Chargebacks are not entertained. We take further actions by taking your paper and evidence straight to your university/school.
  • 5 to 7 days are required to review your refund case and decision to be made