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Chinese philosophy is intertwined with the historical, cultural, and traditional aspects of China that entered the late Zhou Dynasty around 1122 BC to 256 BC. There are different schools of thought that befall in the concept of Chinese philosophy including Confucianism, Taoism, Legalism, Buddhism, and Mohism. However, the whole study of Chinese philosophy is unquestionably detailed and lengthy which causes turbulence in the academic lives of the students who are enrolled in the Chinese learning course. Consequently, the best way out to manage all the constraints during the organisation of perfect Chinese philosophy assignments is seeking our Chinese philosophy assignment help across the UK.

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The fundamentals of Chinese philosophy explained by our top experts

To comprehend the central concepts is the key requirement of Chinese philosophy. The biggest battle that is combated by most of the students is the Chinese philosophy contains various implications to a single thought. This develops a vague and feeble understanding of the major terms of Chinese philosophy. Not only this, but the Chinese philosophy is also rich with the varied school of thoughts, quotations, and theories. Let’s discuss the primary school of thoughts integrated with the Chinese philosophy discretely.

  • Confucianism

This school of thought is based on the teachings of Confucius initiating from 551 BC to 479 BC. It was introduced by Confucius at the end of the Zhou Dynasty. Additionally, Confucius believed that the inhabitants of China are full of dishonesty and lack decent rectitude. He aimed to spread good ethics and honesty among the people through his collection of thoughts called The Analects. The book entails different norms and cultural values that comprise education, reverence, morality, relationships, compassion, and other aspects. All in all, Confucianism incorporates the concepts deeply engraved with social, political, ethical, and religious patterns.

  • Taoism

Taoism is also referred to as Daoism that was coined by a person named Lao Tsu around 600 BC and was later transformed into a separate religion. This theory revolves around the concept of the ‘Flow of Universe’ that drives to the phenomenon of the control of nature over everything. The literal meaning behind the term Tao is path or way that underlies the notion that every person out there is destined to explore and meet their own path through meditation, self-isolation, cutting off all the worldly needs, interaction with nature, acceptance of irregularity in the world, and contemplation. However, Taoism contradicts with Confucianism in such a manner that it upholds the promotion of walking in the right pavement and achieving the desired objective of life though observation rather than education. Moreover, it also supports the belief that life is an equilibrium of opposites that includes Yin and Yang. If you are oblivious of these two terms then let us explain to you that Yin refers to the dark side of life such as women, night, moon, death, and stationary objects. Whereas, the term Yang opens the idea of the bright side of life that includes man, day, sun, birth, and mobile objects. Therefore, the Yin and Yang should be kept balanced according to the Taoism theory.

  • Legalism

Legalism is built with the systems of reward and punishment where the motto is to devise clear and hard laws to follow with strict punishments in case of ignoring the set rules. This theory believes that all the people whether good or bad should be regulated under stern rules and regulations. Moreover, religion is not involved in this category. Everyone is obliged to adhere to the set laws and restrictions of the society and if they would not, severe penalties would become their fate. Likewise, to get educated and learn the ways of the world is harmful to the mentality of the people since it blurs their respect and meaning for laws and rules. Thus, Legalism wholly entails the concepts of legitimacy, brutality, and sentence.

  • Buddhism

The concept of Buddhism arrived from India that is grounded on the concepts delivered by Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) approximately 2,500 years before. Buddhism is a blend of Confucianism, Taoism, Legalism, and other philosophical schools of thought. Moreover, it is itself a religion that is practised by millions of Chinese. It represents the fact that religion is chiefly based on the Four Noble Truths, Karma, and Reincarnation. In addition to this, Buddhism is centred on the process of enlightenment where the Buddha is considered as the educator who teaches the followers how to attain inner peace, wisdom, and the state of Nirvana. All these elements are accomplished through certain ways including meditation, worship, morality, and particularly, wisdom. On the whole, Buddhism is believed to be a spiritual way of life that is followed by billions of people across the globe.

  • Mohism

Mohism showcases the fundamentals that a person should treat and care for others equally and affectionately. It was originated by Mozi around the period 390 BC that carries the primary concept of universal love or impartial love. Mozi defied conflicts and wars at all costs. Therefore, the study of Mohism makes a human being righteous, loving, and considerate.

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