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Are you a student who struggles with writing any assignment given by your teachers? Almost every student goes through the same situation in their student life. Writing papers is a tough job especially when you are given a short deadline for the submission of the paper. A lot of teachers expect their students to write a top-notch paper without any help. This happens especially when it comes to dissertation writing. Writing a dissertation paper for a new student is almost next to impossible without someone’s assistance. A dissertation paper plays an important role in your degree, so mostly teachers assign dissertation writing tasks in the last semester of your degree program.

What Is Dissertation Writing?

A dissertation is an extended piece of writing of around 10,000 to 20,000 written on a topic assigned by the teacher or chosen by the student him or herself. A dissertation is divided into chapters and those chapters are further divided into heading and sub-headings. These all chapters are numbered in a report.

Dissertation papers are written to answer a particular research question and can either report on an empirical study or a literature-based study.

Although the dissertation is not written to answer the questions, the process and the procedure are more important than the findings and research. Even if you produce unusable data, you can still get the first position for your dissertation paper- as long as you can show your teacher that you have learned about the research process and you have confidence enough that you can analyze it and understand why you were unable to answer the question as successfully as you may have wished.

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In order to produce a to-notch literature review, you got to dig into the topic you are given or have chosen for relevant information. You may be required to conduct experiments or studies that involve questionnaires and interviews. This is one of the toughest processes of dissertation writing because it needs care and time.

Your supervisor is the person who will help you out throughout the process and guide you on how to conduct an effective study. The research involves the form of the study, its scope, how to choose representative samples of respondents, any technical issues, how to write questions to produce the kind of information required, the format and the structure of a questionnaire, and so on.

Parts Of Dissertation

A dissertation is divided into many parts that make a dissertation paper top-notch. If you write your dissertation paper according to the pattern described below, your teachers would definitely consider your paper for research and this will get you good grades.

The Title

Choosing the right and the appealing title is quite a tough job. If you decide on a title that is too unclear, your dissertation might lack interest and focus and not make any points worthy of note.

You got to construct a title that forces the reader to concentrate or focus on something specific. For such a title you can ask a question related to the topic of the dissertation or make a specific comparison.

Your title can be of two parts. The first part will be the main title of your dissertation; you may call it the main title. It should be short, precise, and general in nature. The second part of the title must be much focused that picking up a particular aspect of the main title.

Make sure you make the main title enigmatic, cryptic, or contradictory, followed by a sub-title that aims to explain what it is all about. Such a title will build curiosity in the reader and it will urge the reader to read more.


Abstract is a short summary with a length of around 300 to 400 words. The abstract is written from the content of the dissertation paper including the conclusion. Abstracts are filed in a database so that people who are searching a topic on their interest can find it easily and they can also see if the information is of their use or not.

Despite the fact that the abstract is written at the beginning of the dissertation paper but it will be easier for you if you construct it at the end of your work. This will save you from trouble and most importantly while writing the abstract you can analyze if your abstract is matching the content of your dissertation.


The introduction part in the dissertation paper must contain the following:

  • Aims and objectives of the research
  • Context of the research
  • Explanation of the key term used in the paper
  • Acknowledgements of any limitations or exclusions if necessary
  • Description of the structure/shape of the dissertation

Literature review

The literature review puts your dissertation within the body of the present research and literature and validates your selection of questions.

A literature review summarizes whatever has been written in your dissertation paper so that

  • You do not repeat what is already done
  • The reader is able to differentiate between your work and ideas and those of others
  • There is a basis from which your own study can begin, and hopefully you can expand it further.
  • You can easily demonstrate what you have read/studied and understood the work that is carried out and are in a better position to continue study on that topic or area.
  • You can defend the relevance of your dissertation
  • Methodology can be justified which you have used in your dissertation project.

Structure Of A Literature Review

As a general rule, it is finest to begin your literature review viewing at the bigger picture and then increasingly focus on the specific aspects you are interested in. Chose those works or studies which are essential, relevant, or recent, or those which give a historical perspective. You got to do this carefully so that the review will provide a balanced reflection of the past and/or current knowledge and information on the subject/topic and decide with your advisor/supervisor how long this review needs to be.

A review is not just a description of the sources and their description and explanation of the sources and their conclusions: it is a genuine argument for why your research is eye-catching, interesting, and relevant to the existing literature. It uses the sources to defend your points in the same way that an essay does. It is useful and helpful to mention/highlight common themes, controversies, and questions that arise.

Make sure you keep a full list for your reference and bibliography. It is also advised to use software such as EndNote, RefWorks to keep track of your references and bibliographies.


This is an explanation and description of how you are going to answer the research questions. You will have to know what methods and strategies you will be used to gather and analyze your data and justify decisions you have made with reference to more literature as appropriate.

Findings and discussion

If you have undertaken an experimental study generating primary data then these two will be written in different sections. In this case, the result section will come first. If you have undertaken literature-based research using secondary data then they are written together.

The purpose of the findings is that explain your data and the results of your analysis to the reader. They should be clear and logical.

The discussion in the central part of your dissertation paper, must not include any new information or data but look at the meaning of your findings. You should also discuss any problems along with the solutions and your explanation of why they occurred. Addressing problems with solutions in your dissertation will make your paper a top-notch paper and will make it astonishing.

Conclusion and sometimes recommendation

The summary of the dissertation paper rotates around a few questions. One of the most important questions that are answered in the conclusion is how well your research answered the questions.


Most of the students consider reference and bibliography the same. They both are different.

In the reference section, you list all the works from which you have quoted or which you have specifically referred to in the dissertation.

A bibliography is a list of all works you have read or part-read during the preparation of the dissertation, including those to which you have not made any reference at all.


This includes content that the professor wishes to see but is not included in the main text. This often has blank questionnaires along with the covering letters, letters of consent, any original statistical analysis.

It is rarely asked by the teachers to include all of your raw data such as completed questionnaires, or full transcripts of interviews. This is often advised by the advisor or the professor.

How Is Dissertation Writing Is Different From Other Writing Papers?

There are many differences between a dissertation paper and other academic papers. One of the obvious reasons is that a dissertation is of around 10,000 to 20,000 words while most of the other papers are about 1500 to 3000 words.

An Exciting Dissertation Writing Service For You

As of now, you must have understood what the dissertation is all about and how it is written. If you are a beginner, it would be foolish of you if you write your dissertation paper yourself. Even experienced students struggle with writing dissertation papers because it requires a lot of data and research. Everyone needs an experienced professional who can assist with writing the dissertation. Without getting help from an expert, you will never be able to counter your dissertation paper well.

Fox assignment brings you a team of experts who are backed by years of experience when it comes to dissertation writing. We are a team of more than 500 writers who are proficient at writing dissertation papers. Each member of our team is highly qualified from top-notch institutes of the world.

How Our Dissertation Writing Help Process Works

  • Place your order on our website and tell us your requirements along with your desired grade. This will help our team understand what you expect from us.
  • As mentioned above, we have got a team of more than 500 writers, so as soon we receive your order, we will match you with a suitable dissertation writer who will write your dissertation paper.
  • Once your dissertation paper is ready, we will deliver it to you before the deadline.

How Our Writers Start With Their Dissertation Writing

Once our writer is assigned with a dissertation writing project, he digs into the topic and the subject as well. Let me explain to you how our writers write a dissertation

Chapter 1

In the 1st topic, an overview of the topic is specified along with the issues, problems, and their solutions are discussed in the topics ahead. Our writers make sure that the introduction is so well written, attractive, and eye-catching that it grasps your teacher’s attention and develops an interest to read further.

Chapter 2

In the second chapter, the main topic of the dissertation is discussed. This chapter is written in detailed research thus it has to be written carefully and with full focus. In this chapter, the gaps in the literature are also highlighted.

Chapter 3

It is one of the most complex chapters of a dissertation because the technicality of the topic is discussed in this chapter. The solutions are also highlighted in this chapter.

How Can Your Dissertation Writing Service Help Me To Get Better Grades?

Writing a dissertation paper is a challenge for students but you don’t need to worry because we have got experts who will get you through this. We have got native English writers who will produce a top-notch dissertation paper for you. As you give a model dissertation paper to us, we will match you with a mentor who will guide you through the dissertation writing process. The mentor will use his experience and expertise to write your dissertation. You can also use it as a learning tool. At the end of the day, you will get your desired grades for sure.

How Does The Dissertation Writing Service Work

Our dissertation writing service is a collaborative service which means the writer assigned to write your dissertation paper will work with you in step so that you also can understand how a quality dissertation paper is written. This is done to produce and develop a model dissertation paper of exceptional quality. Once the model dissertation paper is constructed, you and your writer will review the sections and chapters of the model paper as they are written so that you can ask questions and learn from the answers. You will also be able to give your feedback and input while your writer is working on your dissertation paper. We will deliver our first model paper only when you are happy and satisfied with the dissertation written by our writer.

Will I Be Able To Speak Directly With My Writer?

This is one of the most interesting questions we receive on a frequent basis. So the answer is, Yes, we allow our customers to speak directly with the writer. In fact, we encourage them for complex projects like dissertation writing. Speaking directly one on one with the writer is useful for both the writer and the customer. This helps the writer to understand the needs and requirements of the customer; while on the other hand, the customer can ask questions with the writer and keep track of their project. The only thing you need to do is, when placing your order, just mention in the form that you would like to speak directly with the writer so we can arrange a 30-minute call for you with the writer we match for you. We can also arrange more than one call for you if you request us to.

Is It A Problem If My Dissertation Subject/Topic Is Specialized?

Not at all, as we have been working in this field for more than 10 years, gathering expert writers and covering all topics and subjects, no matter how complex your dissertation is or what niche it is, our writers will produce a quality dissertation paper for you. From actuarial science to naval architecture to Equine dentistry, there are no topics, research, or papers we have not covered. Furthermore, if you have any queries, you can contact our customer support department.

Is Using Your Dissertation Writing Service Considered Cheating

This question is often asked by our customers, let me clarify that using our service as per our fair use policy is not cheating. We know that there are a lot of companies who provide dissertation writing services but the dissertation paper they write is not up to the mark. We provide the highest quality dissertation paper. This means the paper we deliver is written from scratch and is 100% unique. You can also use our dissertation paper as a tool to enhance your knowledge and skills in writing a top-notch dissertation paper.

I Have Already Written My Dissertation, Can You Help Me With Proofreading?

Yes, we can also help you with proofreading. We have got dissertation proofreading and editing services to help students who have written papers on their own. This service will make sure that the paper you have written is flawless and error-free. Our team will proofread your content several times to ensure that it qualifies the dissertation writing criteria and impresses your professor.

Few Of The Qualities Of Our Company That Makes Us Stand Out

0% plagiarized content

Our writers proficiently write a plagiarism-free dissertation paper. They make sure the content is unique, exclusive, and has no plagiarized content. The dissertation papers are newly written with the latest development and research of that specific topic or a subject. The information gathered from various sources to write the dissertation paper is authentic and genuine.

We provide security

The payment system of our website is fully secured. Your private information is safe from being hacked or any other external fears. Gaining clients’ trust is one of our main concerns. We make sure that your information and numbers are safe in our database. No one in the company has the authority to access the database except the top authority personnel.

Fair pricing

We have no hidden charges. You will only be charged for your dissertation service because we believe in fair and transparent pricing. We keep our prices low as compared to other companies because we believe that every student should get a dissertation writing service. We also give discounts to our regular clients. If you become our regular customer, you can also avail the discounted price.

Refund of charges

Our refund policy is very simple. If you find our work differing from what you asked for or you required, you will get your cash back. If you feel unsatisfied with our work or you have faced any other problem, you can request for money back. You will get 100% money back. Keep in mind that the issue has to be genuine.

What A Dissertation Paper Looks Like

Every dissertation paper must contain certain things that make it look professional. Our writers are capable of making your dissertations worth reading. The footsteps of every dissertation are explained below

Dissertation proposal

In the dissertation proposal you determine what questions you are going to answer in your dissertation.

Thesis statements

Every thesis statement has to be written in a manner that explains what the paper is all about and why you are trying to explain. A thesis statement is an important part of dissertation writing. Most students often struggle with writing thesis statements because of the complexity involved in it.


For any dissertation paper, along with the writing and researching skills, formatting is also important. If your paper is not properly formatted, your dissertation might get rejected by your teachers. This may lead you to fail the subject.


Without proofreading your paper, you will never be able to make your dissertation up to the mark. Proofreading helps you to scratch out all the mistakes and errors in your content. It is an essential process to do after writing any academic paper. It makes your content worth reading and every sentence of your content makes sense once you proofread your paper.

Promises We Make To Satisfy Our Customers

A lot of students don’t get the results according to their expectations when they take dissertation writing services in the UK. When you talk about the fox assignment, we make promises that we fulfill no matter what it takes. This is because we care for our students.

Original writing

Our dissertation writers are proficient at writing quality and original papers. They are knowledgeable and they know how to counter dissertation well that can lift your grades. Before starting with any dissertation paper, they dig into the topic provided. They collect authentic data and information regarding the topic from various resources.

All-day assistance

We have got a team of customer support representatives who provides all-day assistance. You can contact us for your questions and queries and our team will respond to you within no time. Our team is active 24/7 to respond to your calls and emails. You can reach out to us anytime from anywhere in the world.

Guaranteed delivery on time

Delivering dissertation orders prior to the deadlines has always been our practice. We don’t delay any of the dissertation papers because we firmly believe in customer satisfaction. We know the significance of delivering the dissertation paper because we are aware of the embarrassment that a pupil goes through if he fails to deliver the paper on time in college/university.

Confidential service

Trusting an unknown website for dissertation writing services is a tough decision to make. Many websites are cheats and looting individuals or they leak the customer’s information. When you take dissertation writing services from fox assignments, your information is safe, secure, and is confidential. Our systems installed are powerful so there are no chances of our systems getting hacked.

Why Do Students Look For Dissertation Writing Help?

You are about to get that Ph.D. degree you`ve been visioning for so long. It was a hard trip. You had to go through all situations of education. You completed numerous essays and exploration systems. Now, you are in front of that ultimate challenge writing the doctoral discussion.

Of course, you can do it! You had all this time to take your exploration chops to a veritably advanced position. You are presumably set on the content you like, and you and your tutor have a good connection. There is still a problem you are getting wedged. How could this be? You have all chops you need to write that discussion. You are determined. You are committed. Ever, you are still not achieving the pretensions you set.

At this point, you start allowing is it OK to hire a discussion help service? Yes. It`s okay! When you are not doing well with the design, it`s the right thing to do.

We will give you 7 reasons why hiring a discussion writing service is salutary for Ph.D. campaigners.

It`s Easy

You are aiming for a doctoral degree. You are not the type who aims for easy. Still, occasionally it`s okay to take the easy way out of a stressful situation. When you decide to get dissertation help online, you are not a quitter. You are just looking for a result that works.

Ordering a design online is really easy, as long as you choose the right service. All you have to do is give the details for the mentor, and communicate with them throughout the process of completion. The pen will do the utmost of the work, but you will cover the progress. You`ll get a discussion that reflects your own exploration and point of view. This will still be your own work. You are just getting help to make the process of completion easier.

It`s Quick

When you hire a professional dissertation service, you are entrusting the design to an expert dissertation writer. For a discussion, the service will assign a mentor/writer who formerly has a Ph.D. in the applicable niche. This writer knows where to search for the right coffers. They know how to complete a discussion design in agreement with the loftiest academic norms. They can get help from the rest of the platoon. These services also have professional editors, who make sure the quality is over to the guarantees.

Still, it may take time to get it where you want it if you are working on your discussion alone. When you get a professional writer to help, the entire process will be important quicker and you will get your Ph.D. degree sooner than anticipated.

It`s Lower Stressful

Are you stressed out when you are working on your doctoral design? Of course, you are! The bare study of it makes you freak out. That is because you do not have enough support. Yes, your family supports you. Still, they cannot give you real support, similar to the one you`d get from professional personnel.

It would be much easier if you could complete the discussion as part of a platoon, right? Well, when you hire a professional author, you make them an important part of your platoon. You will be the director and they will follow your lead. Since you are counting on someone who knows what they`re doing, you will be important calmer, and more confident in the positive outgrowth.

You will Get High- Quality Work

Still, you do not have to worry about plagiarism and low-quality work, If you choose a proper dissertation writing service for your assignment.

The professional service will guarantee to complete content of emotional quality, which will be grounded on your guidelines. The mentor will get your dispatches throughout the process, and the communication will make the final result more effective. However, you can always talk to the writer, If you have fresh instructions or you want variations.

You will Get High- Quality Work

Still, you do not have to worry about plagiarism and low-quality work, If you choose a proper dissertation writing service for your assignment.

The professional service will guarantee to complete content of emotional quality, which will be grounded on your guidelines. The mentor will get your dispatches throughout the process, and the communication will make the final result more effective. However, you can always talk to the writer, If you have fresh instructions or you want variations.

You Can Find a Website that Works for You

You will see all kinds of options in the dissertation writing assiduity. There are cheap and precious websites, and there are those in between. There are services that offer you to work with real experts from your niche, and there are those that pair you with freelance authors/writers with general knowledge.

It`s stylish to calculate on trusted spots with dissertation writing services reviews, which will direct you towards services of high value. These pundits test different agencies by placing orders. Also, they partake in their prints with the intention to help scholars to make a good choice. Your chances to pick the right dissertation production agency are more when you calculate on reviews.

You Will Not Get Caught

As long as you choose a dependable service with strong guarantees, you do not have to worry about getting caught. The agency will guarantee your full sequestration. The content you buy is yours. You can use it in any way you like. The company won`t publish it. It will not be delivered to other guests. You have exclusive rights to it.

Still, no one will ever find out you bought a discussion online If you do not unmask the information yourself.

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