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Most of the students find finance an interesting subject because of the calculations involved in it. There are multiple reasons of why students across the UK chose finance as their field. One of the biggest reasons of this is, finance has a huge demand all across the world. The major goal of every student is to get a high paying job in the field. This is why most of the students chose finance. To accomplish goals, every student who is into finance has to go through some obstacles. One of the hardest obstacles is writing a finance dissertation paper. A finance dissertation paper is an academic paper that most students are afraid of.

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Are you pursuing finance? Then you must be getting tons of finance dissertation assignments.

How To Produce A Quality Finance Dissertation Paper?

To produce a top-notch finance dissertation paper, you got to consider the format in which a finance dissertation paper is constructed.

Finance dissertation title

The purpose of title is mainly to reflect the dissertation. The title of your finance dissertation paper should be written in a way that it highlights the purpose of your dissertation. If your title is attractive, it is going to urge your professor to read more of your finance dissertation paper.

Finance dissertation introduction

Introduction can be the thing that can grab your professor’s attention and keep him engaged throughout the finance dissertation. The purpose of the introduction is to discuss theme, research and discuss long term project outcomes as well.

Dissertation Aims and Objectives

Aims are assertions of intent and are generally written broadly. They set out what your goals are and what you are trying to accomplish through your finance dissertation writing.

Parts Of Dissertation

A dissertation is divided into many parts that make a dissertation paper top-notch. If you write your dissertation paper according to the pattern described below, your teachers would definitely consider your paper for research and this will get you good grades.

The Title

Choosing the right and the appealing title is quite a tough job. If you decide on a title that is too unclear, your dissertation might lack interest and focus and not make any points worthy of note.

You got to construct a title that forces the reader to concentrate or focus on something specific. For such a title you can ask a question related to the topic of the dissertation or make a specific comparison.Your title can be of two parts. The first part will be the main title of your dissertation; you may call it the main title. It should be short, precise, and general in nature. The second part of the title must be much focused that picking up a particular aspect of the main title.

Make sure you make the main title enigmatic, cryptic, or contradictory, followed by a sub-title that aims to explain what it is all about. Such a title will build curiosity in the reader and it will urge the reader to read more.


Abstract is a short summary with a length of around 300 to 400 words. The abstract is written from the content of the dissertation paper including the conclusion. Abstracts are filed in a database so that people who are searching a topic on their interest can find it easily and they can also see if the information is of their use or not.

Despite the fact that the abstract is written at the beginning of the dissertation paper but it will be easier for you if you construct it at the end of your work. This will save you from trouble and most importantly while writing the abstract you can analyze if your abstract is matching the content of your dissertation.


The introduction part in the dissertation paper must contain the following:

  • Aims and objectives of the research
  • Context of the research
  • Explanation of the key term used in the paper
  • Acknowledgements of any limitations or exclusions if necessary
  • Description of the structure/shape of the dissertation

Literature review

The literature review puts your dissertation within the body of the present research and literature and validates your selection of questions. A literature review summarizes whatever has been written in your dissertation paper so that

You do not repeat what is already done. The reader is able to differentiate between your work and ideas and those of others. There is a basis from which your own study can begin, and hopefully you can expand it further. You can easily demonstrate what you have read/studied and understood the work that is carried out and are in a better position to continue study on that topic or area. You can defend the relevance of your dissertation. Methodology can be justified which you have used in your dissertation project.

Structure Of A Literature Review

As a general rule, it is finest to begin your literature review viewing at the bigger picture and then increasingly focus on the specific aspects you are interested in. Chose those works or studies which are essential, relevant, or recent, or those which give a historical perspective. You got to do this carefully so that the review will provide a balanced reflection of the past and/or current knowledge and information on the subject/topic and decide with your advisor/supervisor how long this review needs to be.

A review is not just a description of the sources and their description and explanation of the sources and their conclusions: it is a genuine argument for why your research is eye-catching, interesting, and relevant to the existing literature. It uses the sources to defend your points in the same way that an essay does. It is useful and helpful to mention/highlight common themes, controversies, and questions that arise.

Make sure you keep a full list for your reference and bibliography. It is also advised to use software such as EndNote, RefWorks to keep track of your references and bibliographies.


This is an explanation and description of how you are going to answer the research questions. You will have to know what methods and strategies you will be used to gather and analyze your data and justify decisions you have made with reference to more literature as appropriate.

Findings and discussion

If you have undertaken an experimental study generating primary data then these two will be written in different sections. In this case, the result section will come first. If you have undertaken literature-based research using secondary data then they are written together.

The purpose of the findings is that explain your data and the results of your analysis to the reader. They should be clear and logical.

The discussion in the central part of your dissertation paper, must not include any new information or data but look at the meaning of your findings. You should also discuss any problems along with the solutions and your explanation of why they occurred. Addressing problems with solutions in your dissertation will make your paper a top-notch paper and will make it astonishing.

Conclusion and sometimes recommendation

The summary of the dissertation paper rotates around a few questions. One of the most important questions that are answered in the conclusion is how well your research answered the questions.


Most of the students consider reference and bibliography the same. They both are different.

In the reference section, you list all the works from which you have quoted or which you have specifically referred to in the dissertation.

A bibliography is a list of all works you have read or part-read during the preparation of the dissertation, including those to which you have not made any reference at all.


This includes content that the professor wishes to see but is not included in the main text. This often has blank questionnaires along with the covering letters, letters of consent, and any original statistical analysis.

It is rarely asked by the teachers to include all of your raw data such as completed questionnaires, or full transcripts of interviews. This is often advised by the advisor or the professor.

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