10 College Life Hacks That Saved Me in College | Morgan Yates

Hey, everyone, it`s Morgan Yates and it has been a while since I`ve done a college video I`m now up to like almost actually it might be two and a half months two and half months to enough years since I Graduated college certainly. My brain is getting slower as time goes on I know a lot of you guys are still in college. Some of you guys are even in high school And so I would come back and share my top ten tips of assignment writing help and life hacks that saved me when I was in college just sort of as I look back the things that I guess we`re the biggest takeaways or the tips that helped me succeed the most.

So this is helpful if you guys are out of school or maybe even in school and you want to leave a tip for other people to benefit from in the comments That would be awesome also, so do it`s also sponsored by best night because a lot of my tips incorporate different tech items I`ll be highlighting a few products throughout the video that you guys can pick up at Best Buy that ties into these hacks So hope all you guys enjoy let`s go ahead and get in help all you`re having a wonderful semester so far So I feel like I don`t look like myself today. Do you ever have days where you don`t look like yourself? I think it`s because my eyelashes I`m down to my last few I`m like overdue for a lash extension dissertation writing service film, but my tip number one I picked this one up in Middle school and it has stuck with me and that is always taking your notes in classes by hand when I was in seventh grade My teacher I forget the statistics.

It`s been a while. She gave a statistic about if you write something down your X Number of times more likely to remember it than if you don`t or then if you type it or whatever it was like a percentage it’s been a while. Okay, we`re on our computers so much we`re so used to typing and just like then just Interacting with the screen that I feel like that is just so mindless to us now So when you kind of like switch things up, and actually write things out by hand It`s requiring me to really like process through that information a lot more and make it concise and like kind of just write the main Takeaways so I found that in college, I understood and remembered information a lot better when I was doing it That way I did this by hand just pin in paper back in the day But I feel like if I were to be back in school now just given the knowledge I have now of like different tech products I would probably taking notes digitally still by hand But in a laptop or a tablet and just to have everything more organized and in one place and saved forever.

I have a Chrome book, which is a great like quite affordable laptop choice so on the Chrome book that I have it like folds around and basically looks like a tablet and then you can use the stylus to take notes in their biggest takeaway. It`s just to write your notes by hand I promise you will process it more and it`ll help you remember everything a lot more for your tests tip Number two, you might not think this could work for you But I think it could you just have to be disciplined But this is great tip If you are someone who struggles with procrastination, which I do and this is something I said limit today So in college 90% of the time I would start like let`s say I have this giant to-do list I have a paper. I have to study. I have all these many assignments. I would start with my lowest priority task let`s say the only thing due tomorrow was like finishing this paper the ways that I naturally want to slip into or Procrastinating all day long until it`s nighttime And then I finally finished my paper for the next day like motivation Tips for Your Last Exams because you have to because it`s due tomorrow And then that`s all I accomplished.

Okay, so to combat things like that happening and making sure that throughout my day I was actually maximizing all of the hours in the day I would start with my lowest priority Tasks because I usually found that those were a lot easier to get done than like the big tasks that I was dreading for you Maybe it works better to get the thing you`re dreading out of the way first but for me I would just sit around Procrastinate on that thing because I knew that I had to get it done anyway by starting with a lower priority things are the things that may be out later deadlines or whatever or just the things that maybe you enjoy a little more and more fun and it`s let You see her to get through those tests and then when you get around to writing your paper You`ve done.

Therefore much, of course This does take some sort of awareness and you have to know really when to move on to like those bigger high priority things tip number three this is something I discovered pretty early on my freshman year of college and it was a game changer and that was mastering the Caffeine nap which you can hit with the Google search. There`s science behind this. We all know how caffeine affects us, However, sometimes you also just want a nap It was a 20 minute time frame Give or take that caffeine takes to get into your bloodstream and start affecting you so what you do is you drink a cup of coffee And then you take your 20-minute nap and that way you wake up you feel a little restored because you got to just like close Your eyes and relax for a minute your happiness kick in it You get like a double whammy of the caffeine plus like the nap now? I found that that was a great just like Restoration moment to then like hit the ground running and get back into my work or studying.

That`s why sells coffee making appliances I believe this will both mean espressos and cure eggs I`m a big Nespresso gal now because I`ve gotten into like iced lattes However in my dorm when I would recommend if you`re in a dorm rather than getting all elaborate with that stick with the Keurig Get those little K cups, you can switch up the variety where you`re making my roommates not currently have a bigger model That is also available at Best Buy, but some on the website They have a really small one that`s like meant to be for dorms Which is great for saving space because you`re very limited on that in a dorm room I know but I also has just so many kitchen appliances in general, which I didn`t realize Including air fryers and if you`re in college every one of you needs to walk out there and buy yourself an air fryer because I didn`t have that that didn`t exist to my knowledge when I was in school, I could have done away with my meal plan. I could have cooked so many more meals in a Tip number four this has to do with time management this is probably not a new concept and you`ll hear different numbers thrown around for this but how I Operated was by the twenty-five and five rule So if I was studying or writing a paper or whatever? I would see her and be in the zone no distractions for twenty five minutes Powering through this paper powering through studying whatever and setting a timer keeping track of it Whatever don`t set a timer if you`re in a library so that when that twenty five minutes is over I have five minutes where I get to take my mind off of it I can scroll through social media or listen to music listen to a podcast and just have like a little break to like fully Restore and whatever knowing again.

I think it`s very important for me again to have a time to break so that I`m not just sitting here for like 20 minutes and then finally get back into my work when I`ve like mustered up the motivation I think this way of working is very helpful I still do this with editing sometimes because if you`re working on this big task with no end in sight and it`s hard to be Applying yourself a hundred percent when you like it`s just you`ve such a long way to go so I think powering through for twenty five minutes and the rewarding yourself with that little break is a great system top rate with number five this was Crucial to me. Maybe you`re someone who thrive working in a library.

That was not the case for me one of my biggest tips is to create a Relaxing calming just like an aesthetically pleasing Even study environment so that it`s at your desk and your dorm or somewhere in your apartment or for me? So many will tell you not to do work from your bed because something about like you don`t sleep as well or something cuz like You were working there. That just wasn`t a thing for me. I would do work from my bed all the time in college I still do work in my bed more than I do at this desk right here But just in general when I was in college, I prefer to do my work from my room So I need to have a space I love it felt relaxed in so in college I still had these but I always had Christmas lights like around my room and like had them plugged into a dimmer so that could control the brightness and at night maybe I wanted to make it like super dark and cozy and like have some candles whatever but since College, I`ve also discovered these Philips hue LED light color changing light strips Which I have under my desk and then also behind my headboard and my bed faces mirrors over here Which you can see the reflection So it`s nice cuz I can work on my bed looking my mirror and like I have my Christmas lights But I also have these color-changing lights. So depending on my mood, I can change them up or whatever. I`m a visual person So I like having things be colorful. Also, I think I have like a slight photographic memory Anyway, bring this back to college and studying I can remember exactly where on certain pages things were and that would help me so much in tests so I think if I`d had these lights in college and maybe even would have helped me until like be studying a certain chapter with like the pink lights on in the next chapter with green or whatever and then maybe when I would be in a test I could Recall back to like that color and like remember that chapters information to help me. Remember what I had to do is wet I don`t know maybe not but if you relate to that doll, maybe try that out fast I like using my Amazon echo to have She react anyway, so to have my Alexa control my lights, I know Google home is also integrated with these lights I`m my Christmas lights and everything just plugged into like outlet adapters that Alexa`s voice controls.

It was nice to be able to just walk in my room after a long day and then ask her to turn on my Lights and then I can get in bed and then have her turn off my lights and I don`t have to get up Yeah that`s two five a create an environment you love and you`ll probably be happier to be there working and You work a lot in college. So tip number six is trying to enroll in a three day class week again This is a preference however I see a lot of benefits and if you can, of course, Enrolling for classes is a task in itself If you can get all your classes Maybe Monday Wednesday Friday or even Tuesday Thursday If you want to like go all out and have like a crazy day and be like literally in a class all day or Tuesdays And Thursdays personally I would rather have a crazy day two or three days a week Then have like a crazy day every day week where I`m having to run around. I`m also someone who now works at home, therefore, that shows how much I loved having my free days to just be home Working and not having to like get ready to leave the house I was also traveling a lot in college as I was getting more serious about YouTube stuff and more opportunities were coming up so having No classes on I think I did a Tuesday Thursday class guys wrote one semester So having a four-day weekend was just if it`s life-changing and I think I recommend to all people so number seven the SIP Is for people who struggle waking up in the morning? I took one 8:00 a.m In college, and I don`t know why I did it But for that class, in particular, I had to set my phone in my alarm across the entire work.

That`s my tip here So that you actually get up on your first alarm rather than stay here and like - least news I still actually struggle with this a little bit lately. I`ve been setting one alarm and one only that way when it goes off I have to get up or I`m screwed so maybe even try that I think like adding a little bit of pressure for me at least can like immediately break the habit because I Know I have to get up on that first alarm If you start gonna wake upset your alarm across the room if you struggle to hear your alarm Which I just can`t even wrap my mind around it some people claim that this is true change your ringtone to like one of the obnoxious like blow horn ones that way Hopefully maybe it`ll scare you. It`ll be something different Rather than like the tone that you`re used to waking up to another thing I do currently only if I have an early flight the next day and I`m waking up at like an unnaturally early time I was a set an alarm on I am echo and put the volume on the like tin because there is no sleeping through that it is like a train is coming through so that`s just another thing you can utilize that Amazon echoes for as well apps when I`d be getting ready in the mornings Especially my early classes so that 8:00 a.m. I had to show up knowing a current event every single day I don`t want to be researching current events at 7:30 a.m. So I was getting ready I would ask Alexa to tell me about the news and she would just like give the daily news briefing or whatever So it saved me a lot of time and helped me multitask so I could be putting on my makeup also if you have one of these and you do this Strongly recommend just ask them what the weather is when you walk out the door because I got stuck in rain Too too many times my first week of freshman year and never did. I did not check the weather again Ask her the weather ask her the news have her turn off her lights Lots of features my eighth tip this has to do with fulfilling your general education requirements looking back I took a couple of classes in college that I didn`t love they were maybe um on the lower to like Lowest end of my spectrum of classes.

 I liked, however, I took them and I don`t regret it and I recommend that you do this I took those classes because they fulfilled region ed requirements, which is very rare If you find a class in college that fulfills three gen ed requirements at least at the school I went to that was like you better hop on that no matter how much you think you might not love it think about it as though you`ve been taking this class maybe taking three classes to fulfill those same requirements if you`re like me and I Feel like most people just want to get on through their Janette`s fulfill those to get into the classes They`re interested about like going after their major. This is something I recommend doing Just try to find as many gen-ed overlaps as you can and take those classes also just another side tip with this if there`s maybe like gen ed or a class that stresses you out that you Maybe don`t think you would excel most in for me. This was history I recommend taking it over the summer at like a local Community College I took my history class at a community college to get that history Jeannette rather than taking it at my school where it was going to Stress me a lot more and be harder and then I just transferred that credit. So that`s always something to think about as well Gen ends, we all got to do them But there are my biggest tips do getting this out of the way as quickly as possible tip number nine This is this what`s essential for me Especially as someone who traveled and missed a lot of class my senior year that is early in the semester Maybe the first class.

I think that`s the best place to do it. Make a friend Okay, you don`t have to be best friends You don`t have to hang out but get their contact info because sometimes the moments gonna come Where one of you needs each other`s notes or you miss the class or you don`t understand something and you want a study Partner or things like that? this was a big lifesaver for me whenever I would travel or be sick or even just like having people to keep you accountable to study for tests that you don`t want a starting forward when your second-semester senior, so scheduling time to like Meet them at the library so that you have to be there for however many hours. I think can be very helpful So don`t be shy to just talk to the person whoever it is You`re sitting beside and my tenth tip for college is to stay active college can be very stressful it can be taxing on your mental health and I think the easiest quickest cheapest best way to maybe Like alleviate some of that is just to get moving whether that`s going on a walk through campus You`re probably already walking a lot, but maybe just like going on a walk That`s not just to get from like point A to B Maybe it`s to like to look at like the flowers and like get some fresh air and like not carry a backpack Or maybe it`s going to the gym and doing a little cardio or doing some strength or doing whatever.

Just like maybe it`s playing Basketball with your friend or kickball or whatever joining an intramural sports team I think it`ll be a lot of fun. But also just scientifically your brain It`s gonna release some endorphins your moods gonna be a little bit better if you`re hitting the gym Don`t be the person who goes there and plays their music out loud Okay, they`re just guys always did that College. So bring your headphones if you want a cool pair I love these throws cold beats. They are stylish great sound quality Now I just bring these on planes because I`m not walking to class a very cool headphone option Those are available at Best Buy as well. As I recommend getting something like a Fitbit that can track your activity It reminders smooth. Maybe if you`re in the library studying all day or laying on your bed they can also track your sleep So a bonus life hack is to be getting enough sleep in college. It plays such a big difference I never pulled a single all-nighter in college because I am a firm believer There comes a point in time where you`re just not gonna retain any more information and at that point if you`re not sleeping though there`s gonna be screwing yourself the next day when you don`t have like the mental capacity to like to be present in your test and be Performing as well as you could be. So prioritize your sleep dorms can be loud I know I recommend something like a sound machine. This one`s available at Best Buy. Those are my tips I hope all of you guys enjoy hope all of you guys are loving your college years so many fun times to be had even Though it is stressful. I promise once you get like 6 months out of college Everything just gets so much smaller so don`t focus too much on the things that are in front of you that seem like these never-ending tasks and only some of these Tips and these products will help you guys Have an easier experience thinking best buy for sponsoring this I`m going to have everything leaks below that I talked about They really are a great destination for all of your tech products for schoolwork or your kitchen or being active or whatever They also offer exclusive student deals before at college and high school students So I`ll have more information about that in the description box as well sign up to be in the loop on all this deals.

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