1.1 Explain the Role of Their Own Occupation within An Organization And Industry

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Every occupation describes as taken to mean a career, or professional that you want to pursue. A different organization is classified into various forms and categories that include, engineering construction, teacher, entertainment, hospitality, and many more. However, it’s your choice what you want from your life, your interest, and your requirements related to the occupation in any organization and industry.

Moreover, a career is a path or any employee to achieve their goal and make life successful. For example, learning creative skills according to their interest also develop interpersonal skills to communicate even in a better way.  

Additionally, tons of information on industry, organization, occupation, and career-related data is readily available on the internet. A wide variety of resources and information that is useful for each individual can be assessed online easily by visiting employment agency sites and many related platforms.  

Organization Principles of Conduct and Code of Practice

In an organization, employee behavior is played a crucial role in making decisions and other related devices that the company needed. An ethical way of doing work with integrity is the basic part of trust in any organization.  To provide practical advice, codes of practice are used to regulate and organized professionals according to related interests. For instance, an approved code of practice has the right because it has the legal status that gives the right advice to all those who are involved in the construction and management process.

Issues Of Public That Effects Organization

With the number of issues that occurs during the organizational work, the public has concern specifically within the organization. It includes behavior problems, rights issues individual banking, food standards, and residential issues that may provide by the company or organization.

There Are some Rights And Responsibilities Like:

·         Government bodies

·         Work community

·         Forums

·         Professional associations

Therefore learns about different roles and occupation in various organizations and industry in various sectors and explore your career path according to your desired interest.