Machiavelli`s Concept of Human Nature and Religion

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Machiavelli had assumed and given a unique way to see human nature, a dark side that is extreme and considered humans to animals. According to Machiavelli human nature is completely selfish and packed with attitude and unnecessary ego. He thought that humans only think about themselves, their interests own security, and get the powers to conquer their motives. Furthermore, he described humanity as an evil, disaster wild creature that does not have any particular limit. Machiavelli writes, “That man has qualities that will bring him either praise or blame” he believes that human beings are insatiable, means, and filled with limitless desires.

Additionally, to design an idea Machiavelli breaks with the vision of man left by Christian philosophy that “man naturally returns to social life”.  If men were all good, there would be no problem in acting with kindness and pity, however, the ruler will know if he despises his selfish nature.

Machiavelli says, "Men are ungrateful, fickle, deceitful, cowardly, and avaricious.” Machiavelli`s competition and the mark of human instinct were extremely materialistic, he had dismissed and turned down the belief systems of the Greek logicians Aristotle and Plato who said that their state expects to make individuals ethical and great, he likewise excuses what existed in the middle age ages that the completion of their state is to smooth exactly how of a man to everlasting salvation. Machiavelli forever was profoundly condemned for this however as per him, "The finish of the condition of Hawaii is material flourishing."

Condemnation of Machiavelli’s Notion of Human Nature

Machiavelli’s thoughts about human nature are highly criticized and disagreed with by many people till now.

·         Man ordinarily has a few ethics and isn`t simply egotistical.


·         As per Machiavelli`s concept of human instinct man is a creature who is awful and debased and that can`t be improved by a strategy. In any case, he is here reprimanded with understanding to Plato and Aristotle who has expressed that all through with the method for appropriate training man can be transformed.


·         Machiavelli`s adage that men are prepared to forfeit their family or relations for the purpose and security of their needs, yet Machiavelli here additionally says that the absolute best three needs of man are life, family, and afterward property, so how might he quit one need to meet the other. Presumably that people love their home by and by the love and have similarly profound respect and warmth for their family, kinfolks, and different relations of blood.

Niccolo Machiavelli View on Human Nature

Niccolo Machiavelli curbed himself to be an ally of the most rigid authenticity; he trusted that a delicate dream of a wonderful future just impede the existence of normal individuals. Machiavelli`s perspective about human instinct takes a skeptical point that men are terrible. In Machiavellian words, what is great and terrible is relative: it relies upon the arrangement of values, like religion, profound quality, or governmental issues. In legislative issues, generosity is productivity: a viable approach to gaining, merging, and extending power is great; this can upset other worth frameworks.

He considers religion to be a control of impact on the off chance that religion exists then presenting discipline and armies would be simple. The job of religion is to keep men joined together and it doesn`t make any difference what they accept is either obvious or misleading. He condemns the congregation since it keeps the nation isolated, rather than joining it. Valid, clearly even in a cutting-edge society the congregation doesn`t assume a major part in human convictions, sentiments, activities, or power. Individuals have become less keen on religion and don`t put stock in God`s discipline. If individuals` ideas and activities are partitioned then in all likelihood the nation wouldn`t be joined together.