Based On A Critical Review Of Theory And Research, What Advice Would You Give Managers Regarding How To Reduce Employee Stress?

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We know that stress is the major issue in modern business, especially in 2022 when competition in business on its peak. Stress causes a lack of productivity in terms of loss of working hours and creativity. However higher levels of stress have also been associated with a lower level of satisfaction, poor quality service, and any negative vibes that put any person under stress.  Employees who are burned out from the business or environment are emotionally drained and detached from work. Moreover, burnout is widespread and can be costly to human life, firm profit, and society, especially during global crises.

Emphasizes fostering work environments and healthy groups are a necessity at any time, but particularly in an organization that has intensified job demands and drained job resources.  

Common Cause of Employee Stress: How You Can Help To Reduce Employee Stress

Make sure work-induced isn’t solely an employee problem to solve managers play an important role in maintaining healthy behavior among each other.  Therefore, below are some tips to help to reduce the stress level of employees effectively.

Improve Team Relationship

Make sure respect is the key in working with any team member; stress levels can turn high when you don’t act well with others. Poor relationships with teammates can move multiple negative effects such as anxiety, distractions, and jealousy. Moreover, its manager is responsible to keep all members on the same pitch to avoid any discrimination and always making honest decisions that should be beneficial for all. The conflict between team members will likely happen from time to time, but as make sure you handle it immediately in a professional way.

Relieve Heavy Work Load

A heavy workload can cause too much stress; it’s mentally and physically tiring which can cause employee illness as well.  According to research, 51% of employee feels physically drained after an average day of working hours. However, 25% of employees frequently feel emotionally drained after an average day’s work. Most employees have too many tasks to do in less time; they have pressure to work done under the given deadline.  They may feel like they need to work long hours to keep up, so it`s the manager`s task to help set expectations and model behavior.

Improve Employee Financial Security

We noticed that financial issues can cause an overwhelming amount of stress in employees’ personal lives.  Almost 36% of employees feel financially secure while 19% of employee believes that they are saving enough for retirement.  Moreover speak the truth about every worker`s pay potential and how their ongoing compensation looks at in the market. While you can`t necessarily determine interesting cash matters, being comprehension of the monetary weights your workers may be confronting and giving direction will head quite far.