The Role of Physics in Our Daily Life Essay

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We are living in the century of science and technology in this modern world. Physics is used in everyday life, even if you listen you think and perform any activity during the whole day it includes physics. We should understand how physics is used in our life and how it gives benefits to our work.  Physics around us is so fascinating and it gives us pleasure in our daily work And helps us in many ways, like not slowing down our body because there is less friction against the ground. 

Why Do We Study Physics?

Physics principles and laws can broader our minds and clear our perspectives to any query and satisfy our curiosity. Everything that takes place in the universe, all-natural phenomena and energy relates to physics studies. Additionally, physics motivates scientists and physicians to motivate even more to invent new tools and methods that take care of the accuracy and experiments.

Newton’s Law of Motion

·         The first law of motion state that, an article keeps on excess in the condition of rest or motion until an outside force is applied to it. While we are in the rest position, dormancy is at an outrageous worth. The item requires a huge amount of ability to emerge from the condition of inactivity which is the point at which we begin to walk. While we take the first stage the power is sent from our foot to the upper piece of the body and we begin to move, in this system of strolling, the latency holds on changing upsurges when we put the foot on the ground and lessens when we moved the foot in the up course.

·         Newton`s second law of motion thinks that a=F/m(a represents speed increase, F for power, and m for mass) that is speed increase has an immediate relationship with the power that we utilized or apply while we are strolling, consequently on the off chance that we apply further power, our speed increase will likewise increment.

·         Newton`s third law of motion is the activity and response of the article; It expresses that each activity has an equivalent and inverse response.

Here is some activity where we discuss how physics can take part in running our everyday tasks and assist us to perform our duties effectively.

Ø  Body

Ø  Walking

Ø  Cooking

Ø  Cutting fruits and vegetables

Ø  Seeing

Ø  Opening and closing door

Ø  Driving car

Moreover, physics converges with mathematics, and the two are viewed as twins in technical studies. Most regular peculiarities and their different ways of behaving should be changed over into significant numerical conditions and equations that serve human requirements and foresee these peculiarities. Accordingly, it is inferred that mathematics and physics can never be isolated.


Physics is partitioned into countless branches, every one of which has practical experience in a particular field. Maybe the most unmistakable parts of physics are; Atomic and atomic physics, acoustics, optics, astrophysics, geophysics, thermodynamics, and numerous different branches.


Physics assumes a conspicuous part in the advancement of human development and physics has many purposes and applications in everyday functional life.

The uses of physics don`t include just a single field yet are different to incorporate energy, medication, transportation, flight, space, correspondences, and satellites, notwithstanding present-day innovation.