LO1 Explain the role of research for evidence-based practice in health and social care

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In today’s world, we generally encounter EBP or evidence-based learning in a social health care environment.  It incorporated the best evidence provider with expertise and clinical knowledge before considering any kind of patient in the health care sector.

Nowadays EBP is used for effective and efficient outcomes, with the authorized scientific method with their patients. EBP is a research-based process; whoever used this must be skilled and provide relevant information that standards the specific patient.

Purpose of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)

EBP`s goal is to deliver effective and high-quality care to their patient, all the staff including nurses should critically evaluate the ideas and experiences of what they practiced.  Moreover, this task is really sensitive therefore experts suggest that all professionals need to consider the dynamic interaction of belief and the value system of health care.

However, evidence is the thing that continuously changing as new research and technologies emerge. Developed evidence means nurses make sure that keep up with new perspectives on care. As per the NMC clinical decision can be justified and demonstrated in social health care.

What Happened Before Evidence-Based Practice?

Health care professionals do the job before EBP and they relied on the advice of more experienced and skilled experts. Moreover, they have more knowledge and information related to patient illness and difficulties. Therefore they learned the case thoroughly and take advice from their colleague as well to perform the task effectively.

Difference between Research and EBP

There is a misconception among numerous people is that research and EBP are the same. Although it’s not true at all, maybe they both have similarities but they are different from each other as well. The basic principle is different from each other and it lies in their theory. Make sure that propose researching to create and get new knowledge or to develop existing knowledge based on the previous data.


The basic goals of using EBP are to get and utilize new knowledge and connect it with the patient`s requirements and needs with the best clinical expertise. Furthermore, improve care processes and ultimate’s patient outcomes in a positive way.