Analyse the role of the support worker in relation to assessing learner achievement.

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When it comes to learner achievement, the support worker`s main role is to be to monitor and access pupil achievement.  Furthermore, they need to find out how their learner goes through different steps to achieve success.  Support workers should report to their parents and staff about their monthly report because they will also make sure that their children take interest in their learning materials.

Make sure assessing the pupil`s progress in learning achievement is an ongoing process throughout the year. We as support workers post notes on a pinboard, with a space allocated for each pupil so they can reach them easily.


Self-evaluation includes understudies surveying their work. Understudies are urged to assume liability and responsibility for work. In my year 2 class, the technique that is ordinarily utilized for self-evaluation is the appearance procedure (smiley = sure, miserable = need assistance, and straight = uncertain). A glance at this provides the educator some insight concerning where the student is with their learning and they can make arrangements for the following stage.

Peer Assessment

In some cases, students answer more decidedly to their friends than to an educator since they feel more great and loose with them. Peer evaluation is where the understudy is being surveyed by an individual student. They discuss their work and that works on their correspondence. They should have a decent comprehension of the achievement standards however to have the option to survey each other`s work.

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