Answer: Unit STL3C10: Support assessment for learning

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Assessment for learning is an essential part for the upbringing of children`s growth. The teacher should be responsible and monitor children`s daily progress for a certain time.  Here we are supporting the professionals and teachers that are working hours and hours to educate numerous students with their expertise. Giving positive feedback is the most essential and effective way to appreciate someone’s hard works and motivates them to do more in the education sector.

Strategies to Promote Learning

Make sure to use clear and simple words in your language and in your discussion because it would be easy to understand and listen to others. The objective of learning can be fulfilling, if your debate would be strong and practical enough to meet the criteria for assessing progress with learners.  Try to get unique information and plan for new strategies to promote learning assessment. Moreover, try to observe different people and how they are participating in learning new activities and help them to achieve even more.

Additionally, it is the ongoing progress throughout the year. Therefore always make a report of every individual and attached their report to their file to secure all the data.  One of the effective learning sessions is held in a “quiet room” where numerous people sit together for an introduction. In that session teacher and experts explains and talk about the outlines of the topics they will learn during the whole lesson.

Formative and Summative Assessment

·         Formative assessment: in this assessment, open-ended questions were asked and it can be used in any lesson to measure and observe the people`s progress. This strategy motivates and allows people to use their unique approaches and encourage them to think out of the box without being led by their seniors. Additionally, this helps in gathering more information in a different format and maintains their progress and gives them satisfied with what they are doing.

·         Summative assessment: when professional needs to know about the progress of the people and what they achieve in an in-specific period at the end of term, that’s called summative assessment.  Therefore teachers access and know about their abilities and give those tests and quizzes to observe even more effective way.

Identify their Emerging Learning Needs

Emphasizes, knowing the strength and weakness of their learning strategies and try to improve them with your expertise. However some children will analyze themselves easily, but other children may not like it because they are not able to understand properly. Try to solve their misconceptions and irrelevant points and build their base to make them eligible for the sessions.