Critically evaluate whether the police accountability mechanisms in England and Wales are sufficient to ensure that police officers act to the standard expected of them

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This unit makes sure that your aim is finding out about the origin and system of police accountability in the UK. This article can clear your path and remove the misunderstanding and help you to identify the basic morals and laws of police departments seeking to embrace procedure.  Moreover, this information explores the sensitive issues of police accountability to civilian oversight bodies.

Why Accountability Is Important?

The police in the UK make sure that country should be protected from the public who create negative stuff and peace should be maintained. However, the government of every country plays its role in the upbringing of their country in a positive way, especially in the developed countries like Europe. In case, sometimes police will fail in organizing standards and perform their duty well, the individual can file a court case to be investigated by the criminal justice system. Making sure an effective way of complaint system is a key to ensuring accountability.

Moreover, if you want to find the complex nature of police accountability in the United Kingdom and it is necessary to map it out. Their forces include the British transport police, The Ministry of defense policy, and the United Kingdom`s atomic authority. The government of the UK and police service have also developed national policing agencies. Furthermore, NCS (National Crime Squad) target national criminal organization committing the serious and organized crime. Additionally, they are also providing their intelligence service when required, which was established in 1992 drawing on staff from the home office. Although on some specific occasions we might refer to the police service as if it is a single entity.

International Standards on Policing

The various international instruments can be used to police accountability in the UK. This provides human rights and fundamental freedom which endorsed the principle of the UN declaration. Moreover, the UN code of conduct for law enforcement officials set the standards for policing agencies across the world.