Differentiate Between Rosemary’s Personal Rights and Legal Rights In This Case

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Make sure that human rights are the most fundamental rights that every person in-universe the can have. Emphasizes these rights fulfill the needs, wants, and necessities of human survival.

Let’s suppose the case of Rose Mary who is 72 years old lady lived in the United Kingdom since she was born. Her husband passed away in the accident and she wants her rights to fulfill her basics need for her survival.  After some time she wants to take care of her daughter`s child after taking retirement at the age of 60.  As time flew Rose Mary`s health won’t be good enough to take care of her daughter and her grandchild, and after some tests, the doctor discover that she had lung cancer.

When she discovers about her health, she doesn’t want to live anymore, she feels that she is a burden to her daughter who is even struggling too with childcare problems.

Moreover, she told everyone that she was struggling with anxiety and nerve pain, which made her more ill.  Additionally, she was also concerned about her daughter`s only sister because she is the only one who takes care of her health. In that case, Rose think that my assurance would pay out and help me in this situation because this is her right to solve their problem before her death. As we know that the defense of civil rights is based on the state you are located in. Rose knows that my rights are protected in the UK under the act in parliament that may require amendment in the future. But as a challenging person, Rose Mary has always been the caregiver to her family and she knows I found the way in that specific condition too.