Explain Actions To Take If An Individual Alleges That Are Being Abused

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If a person may be subject to abuse, you must respond if they say they are. It is essential for an individual to feel safe and not feel under pressure in any environment. If an individual is put down or abused, it must be reported to the higher authorities, or else it may lead to further distress for the individual.

Take this particularly as a safeguarding concern if you believe it is – even if an individual says he is fine. Report the incident to the manager or anyone from the higher management because reporting such incidents will reduce such cases and if possible find out people who are involved in incidents like these.


You must follow whatever actions are taken by the personnel of your higher authorities or social services. You may be asked to disclose the person’s name along with his/her information involved in the case. The information you give could be in written form or in verbal. The higher authority person, looking into your case may ask you questions for investigation and to take the case further. They will also take some steps to keep the environment safe for you and other people.

You must not take action yourself because it may lead to serious issues for you. If you think someone is being abused or has been abused, your job is to report it directly to the social services. Once you report to them, now it’s their part of the job to dig into the case and conduct a serious investigation to resolve the issue.

At times people report cases to the social services but no action is taken against the culprit. If you come across someone who is being abused and despite reporting to the social services, nothing is happening then you must check on the person and look after him/her.