Identify and evaluate the characteristics and significance globally of information privacy

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The privacy of personal information is an important area to be focused on in today’s technical world. Information privacy is also known as data privacy, we know our private data is not as secured as we think because it can be captured so easily with a few steps. Therefore this unit gives you a brief overview of the nature of information privacy, describing all the challenges and complexities that occur with anyone.

Make sure private information is only concerned with the person`s data stored on any system. Every next person wants that their privacy should be secured, such as private data, financial records, and any kind of business-related records.

What Is The Purpose Of Data Protection?

The main purpose of data protection is to store a backup that copies designated information to disk or memory-based storage. Tape-based backup is a strong option to protect any information against cyber-attack.  Storage snapshots and capture pictures and data can automatically generate information stored and data recovery.

Data Probability

Moving data among different application programs, the computer environment presents a unique set of problems and solutions for data protection.  Secondly, the computer can make work easier to migrate data from one store to another in an organized way.

Ethical Reasons for Protecting Personal Data

·         Prevention of damage: bank accounts, social media accounts, and cloud repositories can be used in an unethical way to harm the data and damage subjects in a variety of ways.

·         Information inequality: personal data have become commodities, and every specific person is not in the condition to negotiate contracts about the use of their personal information. Government should be applying equal data protection laws, establishing fair conditions for drafting, and give equal rights to everyone.

·         Information injustice and discrimination: personal information provided in one context and can be used later in any other context as well. This situation may lead to discrimination and disadvantage to other individuals.


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