List Three Environmental Cues And Indicate How They Influence Your Expectations For Communication

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Environmental cues are termed because of the cues that tell approximately the going on and the reaction of the specific man or woman. The college students are taught approximately cues to make certain a smoother and extra unbiased transition.

Three environmental cues that may be indexed are:

  • Territory
  • Lighting
  • Sound

The methods the 3 of them affect the expectancies for conversation are:

When it involves territory, being near a person will suggest that this person is pals with me, or has a near relationship. If the man or woman takes his/her distance, I anticipate to be having an extra formal communique or to be interacting with a person with whom I`m now no longer near.

Lighting impacts my expectancies for conversation in a manner that if the mild is low, I`ll expect to have an extra intimate communique, in particular with a person with whom I even have a relationship.

And last, sound, if I`m in a loud area I do not anticipate having a critical communique, I`ll expect to have an extra informal talk. In a quiet environment, I can anticipate having a critical talk.