LO1 Review and critique the effectiveness of operations management principles - Unit 16 (HNBS 316) Operations and Project Management

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The purpose of this unit is to maintain an understanding of the new and modern way of management principles in a certain organization.  An operational function can be effective if it is held properly under expert supervision and authentic work with resources. Moreover, pupils and students also consider the fundamentals of project management and try to establish lifecycle and growth opportunities under their terms and conditions.

Review and Critics the Effectiveness of Operation Management Principles

Emphasizes different approaches have different operation management and terms. Additionally, every theory has its specialization and production quality, and agility of manufacturing various kinds of the product within a certain period.  In any organization management process and service center is important for making any kind of production between businesses.

Make sure to ensure efficiency you should utilize control systems and use six sigma and lean operation management principles to improve work quality effectively. Including different policies and various projects management and using creative application of lean principles for continuous improvement in your operation management principles. 

How to Apply the Project Lifecycle in the Given Context

Emphasizes, planning, execution, and closure of developing the business case within the project. Additionally include agile methodologies and tools used in the project management system and leadership within the project lifecycle.

Example of two relevant business objectives for the latest financial year:

·         During tea or lunch breaks, reducing the premises of staff and other coworkers to overcome the unnecessary movement and avoid the congestion issues in the local areas.

·         For creating a healthy and effective lifestyle in an organization, try to help other as much as possible to believe in each other. Furthermore by developing healthy relation organization become more efficient and it will also reduce staff absenteeism.

Make sure to try to get detailed analyzes that influence and impact a project of the PLC. Moreover, if you want to abuse your desired goals and capture milestone, benchmark and your key performance then monitor every single move in your system and make an evaluation.