P1 Examine different types of entrepreneurial and explain how typology of entrepreneurship.

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Around the globe, there are many different entrepreneurial ventures, like different small businesses, entrepreneurs and researchers, etc. Entrepreneurial ventures set place different opportunities and innovations that produce and developed economic and social values.  

The word typology is rightly based on human behavior in terms of values, various samples, and numerous types of methodologies according to demand.  Additionally, three types of typologies can be found that are bullets down.

·         High impact entrepreneurial venture

·         Small profit entrepreneurial venture

·         Lifestyle entrepreneurial venture

The term high growth entrepreneurial venture can be found in the way of planning like a small business with a specific team or person with the goal of maximum profit.

Secondly on the other hand small profit venture is an organization that always has its goals and aims limited with limited resources and risk.  Emphasizes a person produces a limited amount of investment in the business to produce a profit on a small scale through the organization.

The third venture is mostly set up by its founder with the thought of doing something creative and enduring a specific level of income with the best possible outcome. Moreover, it also maintains a specific lifestyle and restriction of scalability for their potential growth.

Explore the Similarity and Differences between Entrepreneurial Ventures

Initially investigate the diverse range of entrepreneurial ventures to demonstrate and understand entrepreneurship at a different level on both sides like the public ad cooperative sector. Moreover, they aim to venture to gain the advantage of their social opportunities and create value for the citizen. Furthermore, they try to imprisonment a big area of the market economy and make a profit in the existing market.  Likewise, they try to figure out the social needs and focus on creating good quality products and services that fulfill the solution of the problems effectively.

Examine Development and Growth of Entrepreneur Venture

According to their given data, they essential take entrepreneurship for every next company for their benefit. Their nature is dynamic and their member thinks out of the box to fulfill all the desired need according to the environment. They bare the type of ventures that emphasizes profit-making the wide the room for the association. Besides this, they also develop various unique and productive policies to embolden the activities of the council.