Perimeter Defense Is An Example Of Which Of The Following Preventive Controls That Are Necessary To Provide Adequate Security?

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Perimeter defense is a new technology that gives us an information assurance strategy that provides relevant and multiple, redundant defensive measure to prevent security controls that is necessary to provide adequate security. Additionally, cyber security uses various cases in defense of debt, and design network security.  

Security Levels to Protect Your Network

·         To control anti-virus and anti-spam software, workstation defense is the best to protect them.

·         Access measure includes authentication control that includes biometric, timed access, and VPN.

·         The data protection method involves data at rest encryption, secure data transmission, and various backup to protect your network.

·         Monitoring and preventing networks attack involves logging and auditing network activity. Moreover vulnerability scanners, sand-boxing and security awareness training can help according to personal needs.

What Are Preventive Internal Controls?

Preventing controls are the best and most effective controls for security reasons, as they certainly detect the slip after the fact. Therefore many applications have built-in check and balance to escape entering incorrect information. Moreover, we see that automatic prevention control is way better than other ones because they eliminate the need for human streamlining.

Benefits of Internal Control to Provide Adequate Security

Make sure any control activities could be imperfect at any time, mistakes and problems may occur for no reason. Therefore an ongoing review of internal growth is really important and it should be a part of the daily basis in any organization. However, management is ultimately responsible for all the control activities and the success of internal controls. Make sure benefits take place when you apply relevant security devices, correct implementation, and ongoing monitoring.

Looking Beyond Perimeter Security

Make sure the best and most effective way of securing data is by controlling the communication in the right hand, instead of relying on infrastructure like hyper vision.

The centralized controller manages reusable policies across all operating systems that define software security. If you see an area where impractical to fence and gate it diminished the security provided by the perimeter. Additionally in a Lax security posture, security staff should be aware and ready for all situations and follow procedures closely. Make sure this is a continuous battle to keep up the people without external reinforcement of the process. Usually, it’s human nature for people to relax as their jobs become routine, and this leads to taking shortcuts and giving paths to any stranger.